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High Aura: Roleplayer BattleScript

High Aura: Roleplayer BattleScript

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Roar is a fast-paced RPG that focuses on players customizing powerful heroes and battling for dominance. Each unique Battle Script contains background and reference material to play the game and become the hero you wish to be. Begin your quest as a novitiate, and if you survive, ascend to take the mantle of Hero. However, there will be many that will wish to usurp your power and will not stop until your name is erased from history.

Choose a heroic Gladiator from the world of Theia and make it your own. Command the terrible powers of the dead as a Necromancer. Lead warriors into battle as a brave Knight. Call on the power of the Gods themselves as a Savage Priest. There are many paths to choose from; either way, it will be your choices that decide the fate of Cortaan and the world.

Bathed in Corona’s light, the High Aura strives to be the epitome of grace and power. Unable to stand the presence of the unnatural for long, a High Aura will work diligently to remove the threat any undead may pose while also working to ease the suffering of the living. As a font of life and fire, the High Aura burns with righteousness that the corrupt find unbearable
Will you use your grace to make the world a better place or will your arrogance prove your undoing?

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