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Necromancer: Roleplayer BattleScript

Necromancer: Roleplayer BattleScript

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Roar is a fast-paced RPG that focuses on players customizing powerful heroes and battling for dominance. Each unique Battle Script contains background and reference material to play the game and become the hero you wish to be. Begin your quest as a novitiate, and if you survive, ascend to take the mantle of Hero. However, there will be many that will wish to usurp your power and will not stop until your name is erased from history.

Choose a heroic Gladiator from the world of Theia and make it your own. Command the terrible powers of the dead as a Necromancer. Lead warriors into battle as a brave Knight. Call on the power of the Gods themselves as a Savage Priest. There are many paths to choose from; either way, it will be your choices that decide the fate of Cortaan and the world.

In Roar, Battle for Cortaan, there are multiple ways to play. Raids, Gauntlets, Brawls, or massive Onslaughts. In each of these modes you will use your Battle Script characters.

This book is the complete necromancer. Everything you need to build your own custom necromancer is inside. The complete rules for the game, a sample Raid and Scenarios, and samples of beats and deadly encounters.

As a Necromancer, you wield the power of the dead. Trained in the ways of the mage and alchemist, you use your power to bring peace to the undead or fear to the living. At the lowest of levels, you have the ability to call on the restless dead. At the height of your power, you will be the master of life and death; summoning hordes of ravenous ghouls to hurling shadow and darkness.

Trained by the Master Scholars of Silverthorne Monastery, It is your sacred duty to carry out the edicts of its masters and protect the world of Theia. With word and song, you will use your magical might to expand your power so that the school may be maintained and keep its secrets hidden.

Necromancers have a unique bond with the dead that allows them to bring forth deadly magical effects. The world of Theia swirls with mighty currents of magical power that the Necromancer may then draw to generate these spell effects. The power is derived from the living creatures of Theia that have died and released the untapped potential from their bodies.


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